PROsumer.NET submitted request to European Commission to recognised as a Cross-ETP Initiative

Several key stakeholders of the PROsumer.NET initiative have jointly submitted a request to the European Commission for recognition of PROsumer.NET as a Cross-ETP Initiative.

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PROsumer.NET represented at the ManuFuture 2013 Conference on 6-8 October in Vilnius

Representatives of the PROsumer.NET community attended the ManuFuture2013 conference on 6-8 October in Vilnius, Lithuania and used it as an occasion to disseminate the final results of the project and to inform interested conference participants about the continued activities of the PROsumer.NET initiative.

This high-level event organised as part of the Lithuania EU Presidency brought together industry, academia and policy makers involved in the future of manufacturing in Europe. It came at a crucial time just ahead of the launch of the HORIZON 2020 Programme in which manufacturing research and innovation will feature prominently as part of the Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies pillar of the programme.

PROsumer.NET through its strategic research roadmap has contributed to the shaping of this part of HORIZON 2020 as well as to the Factories of the Future research roadmap which will be implemented by the Factories of the Future Public Private Partnership.


PROsumerNET publishes its Strategic Research Roadmap

During a 2-year period from mid-2011 to mid-2013 the PROsumer.NET consortium systematically surveyed the key market, technology and innovation trends in the European consumer goods industries involving hundreds of industry, technology and academic experts. The final results of this work has now been published in the form of a Strategic Research Roadmap focussing on the period 2014-2020.

Download here the executive summary or the full roadmap document.

Download here the executive summary or the full roadmap document.

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Watch selected presentations from the final conference in the convenient slideshare mode

PROsumer.NET results overview presentation by Lutz Walter, Euratex (BE)

PROsumer.NET research roadmap presentation by Emanuele Carpanzano, Footwear ETP (IT)

Customer engagement in the digital era: the personal luxury goods sector by Michela Ornati, SUPSI (CH)

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Join us on Linked-in to stay connected and always up-to-date with PROsumer.NET activities

PROsumer.NET has launched a Linked-in group to reach out and communicate to any professionals interested in consumer goods research and innovation. If you join the group you can easily connect to fellow experts, join or initiate discussions, get the latest news of PROsumer.NET activities and invite further experts from your contact network into the group.

To access the group click this link.