PROsumer.NET present at the Industrial Technologies Conference, 9 - 11 April 2014 in Athens, Greece

The PROsumer.NET Initiative, partner projects and related Technology Platforms have presented recent research developments and showcased project results at the Industrial Technologies Conference 2014 in Athens, Greece, 9 - 11 April 2014. This biennial major event, held regularly since 2010 and this year part of the Greek EU Presidency programme, is dedicated to Nano, Materials and Production technology innovation.

The PROsumer.NET Initiative was presented in the workshop From Mass Production to Customisation and Personalisation: The New Era of Manufacturing. Many partner projects and their representatives were also involved in this and other sessions of the rich Conference programme. 

The Megaron Athens International Conference Center was also home to a large exhibition, IndustryTech 2014, dedicated to ongoing activities, demonstrators and projects in the industrial technology world. The joint exhibition booth of PROsumer.NET and its partner Platforms and projects (among them ADDFactor, Fashion-able, CTC, EuroFit, Man-Made, FFD and MyWear) has attracted the interest of the visiting crowds and the more qualified attention of speakers, researchers and institutional representatives, from the EU to the more local levels.

The booth was shortlisted for the Most Innovative Exhibitor Award, and honoured with the visit of the High-Level Members of the appointed Jury, which included European Commission Director Ms. Clara de la Torre. 

José-Lorenzo Vallés (Industrial Technologies, DG Research, European Commission) visiting the PROsumer.NET booth Ms. Clara De la Torre and the other Most Innovative Exhibitor Award Jury Members visiting the booth The joint PROsumer.NET booth The PROsumer.NET booth in the impressive Megaron Conference Centre


PROsumer.NET organises Horizon 2020 brokerage event in Brussels

With the launch of the new calls under Horizon 2020, PROsumer.NET has organised a brokerage event and networking lunch on 24th January in Brussels on Euratex premises.

During the meeting, attended by over 110 participants, European Commission officials illustrated the H2020 Calls most relevant to the Consumer Goods sectors to a packed room, and a few project ideas were presented by prospective proposers.

A Q&A session and a networking lunch provided ample opportunities for project partner search.



PROsumer.NET submitted request to European Commission to recognised as a Cross-ETP Initiative

Several key stakeholders of the PROsumer.NET initiative have jointly submitted a request to the European Commission for recognition of PROsumer.NET as a Cross-ETP Initiative.

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PROsumer.NET represented at the ManuFuture 2013 Conference on 6-8 October in Vilnius

Representatives of the PROsumer.NET community attended the ManuFuture2013 conference on 6-8 October in Vilnius, Lithuania and used it as an occasion to disseminate the final results of the project and to inform interested conference participants about the continued activities of the PROsumer.NET initiative.

This high-level event organised as part of the Lithuania EU Presidency brought together industry, academia and policy makers involved in the future of manufacturing in Europe. It came at a crucial time just ahead of the launch of the HORIZON 2020 Programme in which manufacturing research and innovation will feature prominently as part of the Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies pillar of the programme.

PROsumer.NET through its strategic research roadmap has contributed to the shaping of this part of HORIZON 2020 as well as to the Factories of the Future research roadmap which will be implemented by the Factories of the Future Public Private Partnership.


PROsumerNET publishes its Strategic Research Roadmap

During a 2-year period from mid-2011 to mid-2013 the PROsumer.NET consortium systematically surveyed the key market, technology and innovation trends in the European consumer goods industries involving hundreds of industry, technology and academic experts. The final results of this work has now been published in the form of a Strategic Research Roadmap focussing on the period 2014-2020.

Download here the executive summary or the full roadmap document.

Download here the executive summary or the full roadmap document.

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